Resolving Font problems between PCs and Mac

by Sidney de Koning

While working for a Flash development firm, Code d’Azur, I came across a font issue while working on a problem between PCs and Macs. Fonts tend to be different on different platforms even though both developer and designer use the exact same font. This can be very frustrating! (i speak from experience ;))

However the solution is quite simple.

Case: When you work on a project in Flash on both mac and pc and use fonts in dynamic or static text fields, their alignment and size differs.

When Developer A publishes its project with fonts aligned, spaced and sized on a PC, it looks like peaches. Developer A stores its project on the server, Designer B opens the same project and the fonts look mangled. The alignment is off, size and weight is different than the ‘original’ like Developer A intended.

This can be fixed very easily.

Go to your library panel (CTRL-L) and create a new font.

You are now presented with a dialog box that looks like the image below.

In the name field type in the name of the font you are using, for this example I am using the name fontTest. And then select the font you want to use. Select the options you want, Bold, italics and the font size. You have just created a new font in your library which you can use in throughout your project.

And now you can use this newly created mapped library font for any text field (whether it be dynamic, static or input). You now have one centralized place to change the font. This way Designer B does not have to change all the text fields in the entire document by hand, he can just change the font mapping in his library.

“But how do I know where the font is?”
In Flash when you make an library font, it displays it in the font list with an star “*” behind it.

Like this.