Adding an webbrowser to FDT / Eclipse on Mac OSX

by Sidney de Koning

Just found a little bug/issue in Eclipse. Turns out that if you want to add an Web browser you have to perform a little trickery. I found this out by opening the default browser value to see if I was doing something wrong.

If you want to add Firefox/Chrome/Safari/Brand X browser to Eclipse you would normally press the ‘New’ button and add a new browser in the Web browser preferences. However if you are on a Mac the normal install path does not work (Selecting the /Applications/My ), you need to append “/Contents/MacOS/My App” to the file path name. This value comes from when you are in your /Applications folder and right click on any .app file -> ‘Show Package Contents’ and go to the Contents/MacOS folder. Here you will find the name of the program.

So instead of using:
/Applications/Google” (or the .app file for any other browser) you need to append the correct path inside the .app:
/Applications/Google Chrome“.
And you are all set and can use the browser you prefer.